Layered Lovin’

Current mood: Due to new arrivals and being pumped on the New Year! We L O V E layers… and our besties! Nothing knocks a cold day like your favorite knit, scarf and hooded jacket! Don’t go out with your girls wishing you had your layers too! >> Be sure to keep up with our new arrivals and follow us on snapchat @shoprevv for ‘A day in the life’ perspective!

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Suns Out Furs Out

What can we say… we love fur! Honestly, many of us at the warehouse are beginning to question the amount of fur we each own. Like, how much is too much? Rhetorical question, no doubt. Because even if there was a definitive answer it wouldn’t change anything and the buying of the fur would continue. So, grab your hot cider. Load up your virtual shopping cart — and dream of what your ideal wardrobe would consist of. After all, we all do it and we know this precious vest will make the cut!





Twisted Sister

Twisted. Draped. Distressed & Classic. Something about tanks like this bode confidence. Everyone needs a little cut out in their closet to cling to when you’re wanting to feel sexy and conservative. Which is sometimes hard to balance. As promised, your New Arrivals collection is updated and ready to rock with lots of fresh goodies! Ready, set, SHOP! You Got Me Twisted TankYou Got Me Twisted Tank2Oxford {Brown}2

Tuesday Shoes Day

Shoes are bold. Shoes are expressive. Shoes are bae. What else is there in this world that would make you justify not paying rent, other than the cutest pair of shoes you ever did see. Which, in retrospect, makes shoes a pretty unstoppable force. Wouldn’t you say? So here’s to our latest collection of MUST haves this fall! *Sigh*Khloe TANIMG_05562015-06-24 22.49.51