Take A Load Off

Another weekend night torn between finally answering your texts about the party…or stay on the couch and binge watch on Netflix and binge eat ice cream. It’s the struggle we all face.

Truth be told we love our junk food and chill almost above all else! But you probably have friends like ours who will forcefully drag you from the house because they’re “concerned”, we both know it’s for a designated driver though.

So when they come knocking and finally drag you to the bar, you can make life a lot easier for you with this top. Our “All The Good Things Striped Tunic” is great for lounging and for dressing up with your skinnies & booties!


You’re Totally Basic In All The Right Ways

Have no fear, these basics won’t let you down. These gems will enhance your beautiful shape and style! Sometimes less is more and that has never been more true until now! The pieces below will compliment you, and are staples all year round. You no longer have to worry about changing your entire wardrobe every time a new trend comes along. Simply style these delightful items with the newest fad and you’re set!


Braids & Suede

A little suede never hurt anyone. Throw in some loose curls. A low pony. Or some traditional Pocahontas braids… you know the ones. The dual braids that got Matilda man handled by Miss Trunchbull in the school yard. — Shout out to all my 90’s kids who knew that movie reference. As vulnerable as these braids might make you it’s unlikely that such a thing would ever happen. So I dare you to live on the edge. Keep it boho. Keep it natural. Don’t forget to shop our New Arrivals! – XOXO, KatieBon Voyage Blouse2Bon Voyage Blouse3


Better Safe Than Sorry

So it happens like this, right… You’re out with your friends shopping and you come across the most bomb acid wash hi lo. This girl in front of you snags the last of your size. Meanwhile, you’re left feeling like the emptiest person there’s ever been. This will happen virtually too. Only you just won’t see it coming. Don’t be that girl in the online virtual store getting her heart crushed. Be the girl walking away with the dope elephant acid wash tunic. We can’t help but feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry! >> More awesome goodies in our ‘New Arrivals’ collection available today!Elephant In The RoomElephant In The Room2Elephant In The Room3