The Rage

Keep it Cruella

Every young girl is in some way enchanted by Cruella De Ville, no? Well we were! As we unpacked this fur coat — we instantly wanted to create a modern red lip with a ominous vibe. Aside from how chilling her character is in 101 Dalmatians… there is no denying how stunning she manages to look in every frame of that movie. Which, no doubt, is credited to her gorgeous fur coat and haunting red lips! >> Keep it mysterious. Keep it Cruella.




Suede Sister

Who else is stoked about suede making a huge come back in fashion these days!? We most definitely are. Pair this with your favorite leather leggings, palazzos, or any denim. A top that goes with just about anything… is ALWAYS a good idea. If you’re eyeballing this rockin’ hat and necklace >> They can be found at our sister store Revv! Happy Friday, babes!IMG_3437




Sneak Peek

Sneak peeks are always fun — especially when there’s a lace ruffle knit on the horizon! You can always mix your basic plaids into your wardrobe for a softer look. Take this knit a preppy direction with a solid colored button down. Or just by itself with distressed skinnies and lace up booties. The possibilities are endless! We welcome the coming colder days and nights in our future and so do our closets… So stay tuned for this cutie that will be available in our New Arrivals collection tomorrow!IMG_2556IMG_2565IMG_2575

Braids & Suede

A little suede never hurt anyone. Throw in some loose curls. A low pony. Or some traditional Pocahontas braids… you know the ones. The dual braids that got Matilda man handled by Miss Trunchbull in the school yard. — Shout out to all my 90’s kids who knew that movie reference. As vulnerable as these braids might make you it’s unlikely that such a thing would ever happen. So I dare you to live on the edge. Keep it boho. Keep it natural. Don’t forget to shop our New Arrivals! – XOXO, KatieBon Voyage Blouse2Bon Voyage Blouse3


Maybe It’s Merlot

That’s right! It’s piko season AGAIN! When the leggings and knee high boots come out to play — that’s when you know you’ve arrived. Who doesn’t love a good glass of Merlot while your feet are propped up against the fireplace. A little Celine Dion in the background… too much? You’re right. More like Nora Jones. Nora Jones is unstoppable. Much like our new piko collection! More goodies available online for your viewing pleasure! *MWAH*Merlot PikoMerlot Piko2Merlot Piko3

Risky Business

To the times your dress pulls a Marilyn. When you’re able to catch a little draft on a warm day. Or the time you pull your underwear up over your dress in the back. No one tells you. For hours. Just kidding. They told me immediately. Yes, 30+ people witnessed. And yes, I’m still scarred..  But that doesn’t stop me! Flaunt your legs, ladies — Just learn from me and proceed with caution! – KatieIMG_4953IMG_4962

Photo Sep 15, 4 13 03 PM

Edgy Girls Have More Fun

Just a peek at our most recent look book shoot shows how bomb our Fall collection truly is. Spikes. Rips. Booties aplenty. Want is no longer a verb that suits. The word NEED, however, pretty much covers all the bases. We would have to say that this outfit is definitely Revv inspired! Come join the dark side — edgy girls have more fun!IMG_2467IMG_2465IMG_2466IMG_2473