Cabin Fever

We are so down for dresses that make Winter not so gloomy! Anyone else getting a little bit of cabin fever lately? What we wouldn’t give to be stranded on the most remote Island known to man. But, you know, the next best thing is throwing on a sweater dress to go out to your favorite dinner spot. Grab a few mixed drinks. Make that winged liner a little thicker. Contour until you don’t even know who you are anymore. — & line those lips in R E D! #YAHHHHHZ

Peak-A-Boo Sweater Dress

Peek A BOO Sweater Dress

Peek a boo sweater dress1


Layered Lovin’

Current mood: Due to new arrivals and being pumped on the New Year! We L O V E layers… and our besties! Nothing knocks a cold day like your favorite knit, scarf and hooded jacket! Don’t go out with your girls wishing you had your layers too! >> Be sure to keep up with our new arrivals and follow us on snapchat @shoprevv for ‘A day in the life’ perspective!

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Less Is More

The relationship between a girl and her plaid is untouchable! How is it that something so simple can mean so much!? We couldn’t help but be star struck by this gorgeous plaid top the second it rolled through our doors! Belt it and pair it with leggings, or throw a graphic tank underneath with your favorite pair of ripped skinnies. Sometimes less is more! L O V E!IMG_8047




Navajo Let’s Go

Zip it up the front. Get a little pocket action in your day. Acting as an alternative to printed leggings, for those of you that want your busy print else where, makes this jacket one of our top picks by far! Double high fives all around… or pull the ol’ fake out on someone you don’t care for in the office. It’s cool… It’s Monday, so it’s kind of acceptable. Being available in S, M, and L means –> Winning!IMG_2258 (1)


IMG_2265 (1)

IMG_2267 (1)

What’re Besties For?

You’re getting ready to leave the house together. Your makeup if perf. Your best friend makes a last second outfit change. “WOAH!” (Insert emoji with crossed arms here.) Girl code, right? Once you’ve planned your entire outfit around what they’re wearing the ol’ switch-ah-roo is not allowed. Luckily, since you’re best friends she’ll begrudgingly sigh and either loan you something cuter to wear or change again. Because that’s what best friends do. We have the perfect cardigan that your friends will love you for because they’ll be begging to borrow it! Hurry to get yours not while sizes last!IMG_2529IMG_2501IMG_2513

Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Hey girls. You know what time it is? Time to show a little side shoulder. When you’re in the mood to be flirty, shrug up those shoulders and work the fringe! With the shifting of the weather in the coming months, this kimono makes for the perfect transitional piece. Especially since you can still be sexy in all of your fall layers! BONUS! Optic Illusion KimonoOptic Illusion Kimono2Optic Illusion Kimono3

Welcome To The Dark Side

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s a bit of a dark side to every one of us girls? Sometimes it includes secretly smiling inside when getting to say, “I told you so,” to someone. Sometimes its even just destroying a kit kat when your last post on instagram is a salad with ‘clean eats’ as your description. It’s okay. We all do it. No one’s judging you. Except maybe your bikini. And your favorite jeans. Anyhow, we feel like this distressed Chaser tank represents our inner dark side and we are so. In. L O V E ! Be sure to check out the rest of our Chaser collection for more fun graphics like this!Distressed Skull TankDistressed Skull Tank2Distressed Skull Tank3