The Casery

Have you ever been like.. “Ew. I totally need a new phone case.” So, you get in your car and the hunt is on! Little do you know, every adorable phone case you come across is $42m. + tax. WHY, God, why? Why is everything I like/want/need so expensive. I mean, I guess you could say it’s a personal problem since I’m the one that doesn’t have enough money for a phone case. On the contrary, I call it smart. I’m the one choosing electricity, air conditioning, and gas in my car over a phone case.

Why should you have to choose? Listen. We KNOW adutling has become super hard. So, we’re STOKED to bring you the most adorable phone cases on the market…. at a completely normal price.

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, The Casery is on point with not only their prices but their design. They’re cute, girly, chic, funny, and totally relatable. Take a minute, and shop our accessories collection… after all you just got paid, or you get paid tomorrow! 😉 Serving the iPhone 6 & 6+ for only $24!

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Rage Team Member Exclusive

When you first think of a boss you typically think of someone who is certainly NOT your friend. Not so here! Laci means more to us than you’ll ever know. We love her as our friend, and respect her as our boss. Take a peak into her survey and maybe you’ll see why we love her so! 

Today’s feature – LACI BONNER [Owner]

How long have you worked at The Rage?

6 years…woah!!

What’s a day like in your shoes at The Rage?

It usually consists of group chatting. modeling. analyzing marketing data & trends, and asking “Is this online?”. I’m always dealing with the not-so-fun business aspects as well like reports and taxes.

Girl Scout Cookies – What’s your flavor?


Celebrity crush?

Charlie Hunnam – SEXY! He can just leave his shirt off all the time…

iPhone or Android?

iPhone. Duh

Math is…

struggle bus for me.

Walmart, Kmart, or Target?

Walmart & Target

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