hillsboro village

When A Vision Comes Together

Just a wee shopping trip today in Nashville! Officially adding our finishing touches to Revv! OH. EM. GEE. We stumbled on the mother load of decor and thought we would share. Just a tad. After rolling our office chairs through the store like children, taking up entire isles and being THAT person to knock everything down on the shelf… We felt pretty successful. So successful, infact, that we thought we would treat ourselves! — *KNUCKLES*Photo Jul 07, 2 25 21 PMPhoto Jul 07, 2 32 51 PMPhoto Jul 07, 1 59 11 PMPhoto Jul 07, 4 18 57 PMPhoto Jul 07, 12 44 30 PM

Palazzo Vibes From Nashville

To all of our Revv followers — get ready for mass amounts of palazzo vibes. I mean a lot. Like… We took a group vote and we’re only carrying palazzo’s. JUSSST KIDDING! But we do love them that much! Turns out we enjoy a good spoiler as much as the next person. So, you’re welcome! ❤IMG_0895 (1) IMG_0900 (1) We can legitimately say, “There is more where that came from!” Because this is just the beginning. If you aren’t keeping up with our progress and spoilers through instagram, be sure to follow us at >> @shoprevv!