Date Night…Tonight?

So here’s the scenario. You’re at home trying to find the perfect outfit cause you just remembered you have a date tonight…right after work. The struggle has never been harder for you than to find an outfit that makes you feel comfortable for 8 hours of work, and nice enough for your date. Well we have just the thing for you! Our “Sneak Peek Fringy Tank” is your new friend. Throw on a statement necklace and blazer with our skinnies and you’re a go for work. Ditch the blazer, let your hair down, and make sure your purse is on display cause baby you’re on fire! Plus who needs an excuse for fringe???




Flirting With Fringe

You’ve got the plaid. You’ve got the boots. Bets are you’re going to need the fringe to make this look go full circle. Good thing we’ve got you covered from head to toe. When you get your whole look in the New Arrivals section, tell me you don’t feel like a princess!  YAY for newbies!Out West {Fringe Vest}2Out West {Fringe Vest}3Plaid PerfectionIMG_4807

Navajo Can Stay

Navajo, you’re a real treat. One of our customers commented today that if she’d only kept her navajo cardi’s that were trendy all those years ago… she would have been ahead of the game. In that moment my mind went to crocs. “Oh no,” I thought, “What can we do as a society to ensure that crocs NEVER come back?” Like ever. For some reason I carry this irrational hatred towards crocs that I will never understand. Only, if you’ve ever seen someone wear crocs with a sun dress, I know that you’d agree. Let’s be glad that navajo is something we’re all happy to keep around! Speaking of which — have you checked out our new arrivals lately!? *SIGH* – KatieSweet Autumn Time CardiSweet Autumn Time Cardi3IMG_5255IMG_5256

Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Hey girls. You know what time it is? Time to show a little side shoulder. When you’re in the mood to be flirty, shrug up those shoulders and work the fringe! With the shifting of the weather in the coming months, this kimono makes for the perfect transitional piece. Especially since you can still be sexy in all of your fall layers! BONUS! Optic Illusion KimonoOptic Illusion Kimono2Optic Illusion Kimono3

Fresh Friday

Oh. My. Crop! We love it when a whole look comes together! This would be one of those outfits that if you aren’t seen in public by at least 10 people you know, it’ll ruin your whole day. You may not wash said clothes if this happens. You might also put it back on the hanger. *GUILTY* To make sure that doesn’t happen… Have solid plans for your solid outfit, ladies. >>> H A P P Y   F R I D A Y !LA Muse Crop TeeMidnight Rodeo {Black}Midnight Rodeo {Black}2IMG_0905