Bachelor In Paradise – Vent Session

For those of you swooning over The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise. We’re right there with you. From Ashley I. crying her eyes out every .5 seconds, and Josh M. moaning every time he takes a bite of pizza (or just well in general) ….we feel like there are some things we need to get off our chest. Probably what we need to do is get on some Bachelor Nation forum, but when you have your own blog….you can do what you want!

1- Jared. Let me start off by saying Jared REALLY isn’t that cute. Like, everyone’s all like… “ohhh, Jared.” And we’re all over here like “ohhhh, Vinny!” (Insert heart eyes here – we’ll also get into the Izzy thing in a minute.) Why is everyone so obsessed over Jared? Ashley, you’re way cuter!

2- Izzy. Honey, WHAT were you THINKING? The lamp guy!? No. Just no. You, and Vinny were a match made in Heaven. TEAM VINNY!

3- We have officially changed Chris Harrison’s name to “Captain Obvious.” Example – (insert there being one rose left on the stand) “Ladies, this is the final rose tonight.” No freaking way. You could have fooled me! Smh.

4- Carly + Evan. Carly, WHY are you so funny? You’re so on our level, girl. Evan, you kiiiiinda were a weirdo at first…. but you’ve proven yourself! TEAM CARAN!

5- Josh. GO AWAY. WE LOVE NICK. Amanda, WAKE UP.

6- Ashley I. + Jared – Can someone get this chick an anti-depressant? What’s WRONG with you? Actually, if we’re being totally honest. There HAS to be more to the story. HAS TO BE. You can’t tell me that Jared didn’t lead her on. No girl is that hung up on a dude, unless they’ve somewhat given them hope. We’re on your side, Ashley. But you still might need meds.

7- Grant + Lace. Or, Grace if you will. (eye roll) You know how fire to a large amount of gasoline results in an explosion. That’s basically what their relationship is like. One big, flaming disaster.

8- Jami. She wore our ‘Perfect Weather Floral Romper’ in last nights episode! Her exact romper didn’t come from us, but we have the SAME romper… in NAVY! Everything is better in navy, right?
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.16.19 AMBLOG9NA TEST 2-063-2-2NA TEST 2-064-2

Direct link to romper >> Perfect Weather Floral Romper! <<  

Weekly Recap

We know you had a crazy weekend, so kick back and enjoy a recap of our latest additions (and a glass of wine…cause hey it’s Monday)! This is just a few of the newest staff favorites and a few secret obsessions. From the boardwalk to work we got you covered! And don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself and decide which newbie calls your name! It might just be our “Shell Phone Light Weight Knit“.


Take To The Ocean

So you buy your plane ticket, right? Book your hotel. Line up your rental car. The hardest part should be out of the way. Wrong. As it turns out, picking out your outfits for the coming days are in fact more difficult than orchestrating where you’re going eat and sleep for the week. With that being the case, we thought we would play the middle man for you and line up a solid outfit that you can’t go wrong with. So pack up your suitcase. Don’t forget your accessories and take to the ocean!

Dreaming Of Cozumel Dress2

Dreaming Of Cozumel Dress3

Dreaming Of Cozumel Dress

Welcome To The Dark Side

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s a bit of a dark side to every one of us girls? Sometimes it includes secretly smiling inside when getting to say, “I told you so,” to someone. Sometimes its even just destroying a kit kat when your last post on instagram is a salad with ‘clean eats’ as your description. It’s okay. We all do it. No one’s judging you. Except maybe your bikini. And your favorite jeans. Anyhow, we feel like this distressed Chaser tank represents our inner dark side and we are so. In. L O V E ! Be sure to check out the rest of our Chaser collection for more fun graphics like this!Distressed Skull TankDistressed Skull Tank2Distressed Skull Tank3