Sneak Peek

Sneak peeks are always fun — especially when there’s a lace ruffle knit on the horizon! You can always mix your basic plaids into your wardrobe for a softer look. Take this knit a preppy direction with a solid colored button down. Or just by itself with distressed skinnies and lace up booties. The possibilities are endless! We welcome the coming colder days and nights in our future and so do our closets… So stay tuned for this cutie that will be available in our New Arrivals collection tomorrow!IMG_2556IMG_2565IMG_2575

Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Hey girls. You know what time it is? Time to show a little side shoulder. When you’re in the mood to be flirty, shrug up those shoulders and work the fringe! With the shifting of the weather in the coming months, this kimono makes for the perfect transitional piece. Especially since you can still be sexy in all of your fall layers! BONUS! Optic Illusion KimonoOptic Illusion Kimono2Optic Illusion Kimono3

Stars, Stripes & Sparklers

Sooo, were we the only ones having Hunger Games flashbacks during the fireworks? Trying to figure out if there was another fallen tribute or not? For the most mesmerizing reason — fireworks and sparklers will forever be a fourth of July stamp. Here are a few of our favorite outfits from our fans and of course our very own @louloubon! Look for Laci’s ‘America Is For Lovers’ tee at our sister store ‘Revv’ coming soon in Nashville, TN!

Photo Jul 06, 10 25 50 AMPhoto Jul 06, 12 55 53 PMPhoto Jul 06, 1 26 41 PM

Ready, Set, GO!

When a killer head to toe outfit is available for 40% off, you don’t really say no. Unless, of course, there’s something wrong with you. In which case.. more for the rest of us. Right!? We like to teeter just outside the edge of keeping it classy and edgy. This ensemble couldn’t be a better representation of this! So if you’re down for a good sale — Don’t. Miss. Out. It’s practically a steal! Our ‘SUMMER40’ offer code expires 7.4.15 at 11:59PM CST. Ready, set, GO!IMG_9939IMG_9948Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.14.54 PM

God Is Greater

Sometimes we receive new shipments that literally have us fighting over available sizes. Some serious eye daggers can be thrown. The kind of fighting that means, “You can’t sit with us,” at lunch today. This would be one of those staff favorites. By popular demand we have brought this graphic design full circle on several cuts and colors! Why? Because it’s a hit from the message that it’s sending and super adorable! And booties? Well, those are always a good idea.




All Things Denim

Denim, right? Denim button downs. Denim shorties. Denim jackets. “Yeah, I’ll take two of everything please!” Sadly, there’s never going to be a moment that you’re actually fulfilled with your denim collection… andddd that’s why jackets like this exist! We can’t help but feel a little Brandy Melville inspired with our ‘Go Getter Shirt Dress‘ now available in black and grey! Also –>>> These fringe booties, though. They will being going live today so be on the
L O O K O U T!IMG_8955




Palazzo Vibes From Nashville

To all of our Revv followers — get ready for mass amounts of palazzo vibes. I mean a lot. Like… We took a group vote and we’re only carrying palazzo’s. JUSSST KIDDING! But we do love them that much! Turns out we enjoy a good spoiler as much as the next person. So, you’re welcome! ❤IMG_0895 (1) IMG_0900 (1) We can legitimately say, “There is more where that came from!” Because this is just the beginning. If you aren’t keeping up with our progress and spoilers through instagram, be sure to follow us at >> @shoprevv!