Vests Are Best

If you’ve never had a vest that was your best friend… have you really even lived? We have. A vest for the good times. A vest for the bad times. — A vest with a timeless print that will always be a fashion Y E S! Don’t be the one to miss out on this winters favorite vest! Available for you lovelies online now with much more goodies!




Hoods Are Always A Yes

It’s cozy. Has pockets. And it has a hood? — Is there a place to sign as of immediately? ‘Tis the season for more and more layers and we’re loving this hooded cardigan with some fun stripes on the inside as well! In case you haven’t learned by now, we always deliver! Be on the lookout for this cutie to come soon and in the meantime check out the rest of our new arrivals collection to see what else we decided to spoil you with! Streets Of Colorado CardiStreets Of Colorado Cardi2Streets Of Colorado Cardi3

What’re Besties For?

You’re getting ready to leave the house together. Your makeup if perf. Your best friend makes a last second outfit change. “WOAH!” (Insert emoji with crossed arms here.) Girl code, right? Once you’ve planned your entire outfit around what they’re wearing the ol’ switch-ah-roo is not allowed. Luckily, since you’re best friends she’ll begrudgingly sigh and either loan you something cuter to wear or change again. Because that’s what best friends do. We have the perfect cardigan that your friends will love you for because they’ll be begging to borrow it! Hurry to get yours not while sizes last!IMG_2529IMG_2501IMG_2513

Navajo Can Stay

Navajo, you’re a real treat. One of our customers commented today that if she’d only kept her navajo cardi’s that were trendy all those years ago… she would have been ahead of the game. In that moment my mind went to crocs. “Oh no,” I thought, “What can we do as a society to ensure that crocs NEVER come back?” Like ever. For some reason I carry this irrational hatred towards crocs that I will never understand. Only, if you’ve ever seen someone wear crocs with a sun dress, I know that you’d agree. Let’s be glad that navajo is something we’re all happy to keep around! Speaking of which — have you checked out our new arrivals lately!? *SIGH* – KatieSweet Autumn Time CardiSweet Autumn Time Cardi3IMG_5255IMG_5256

Mondays Are For Shopping

With Monday brings fresh beginnings. But more importantly… New Arrivals. HOLLAH! Generally Monday shopping binges are frowned upon. But let’s be real here, nobody has time for that kind of negativity. Especially when your Friday night outfit is on the line. So turn on Netflix, girlfriend. Fill up that shopping cart for funsies. And detox on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s that has your name on it. Plus ours.Picnic Fields Plaid CardiPicnic Fields Plaid Cardi2Picnic Fields Plaid Cardi3