Edgy Girls Have More Fun

Just a peek at our most recent look book shoot shows how bomb our Fall collection truly is. Spikes. Rips. Booties aplenty. Want is no longer a verb that suits. The word NEED, however, pretty much covers all the bases. We would have to say that this outfit is definitely Revv inspired! Come join the dark side — edgy girls have more fun!IMG_2467IMG_2465IMG_2466IMG_2473

Thanks For Layers

Layers. Give us layers. What it is about this time of year… When its 75 degrees with a slight draft, we’re suddenly cold and reaching for cardi’s. It makes no sense. When roles are reversed heading out of winter and it’s 60 degrees, we’ve got the windows down in the car and the booty shorts are in full swing. These are the perplexing things about the human mind that keep people up at night. But it’s the same thing every year. Since we know this will happen, wouldn’t you agree it’s time to stock up on all of those vests and long sleeved cuties!? September nights will beg for it and so will your goosebumps! >>> New Arrivals available just for you! IMG_2357IMG_2361IMG_2399

Ombre For Days

In need of the perfect fall transition sweater? We thought so. We’re not letting go of ombre just yet. With every cozy sweater demands a pair of leather boots! There’s always that key piece to an outfit that sends you over the edge –> But really, we can’t pick! So it justifies getting the whole look, right? At least that’s what we tell ourselves! Hooray for spontaneity and head to toe goodness!Don't Sweater ItDon't Sweater It22015-08-06 23.18.09

Fresh Friday

Oh. My. Crop! We love it when a whole look comes together! This would be one of those outfits that if you aren’t seen in public by at least 10 people you know, it’ll ruin your whole day. You may not wash said clothes if this happens. You might also put it back on the hanger. *GUILTY* To make sure that doesn’t happen… Have solid plans for your solid outfit, ladies. >>> H A P P Y   F R I D A Y !LA Muse Crop TeeMidnight Rodeo {Black}Midnight Rodeo {Black}2IMG_0905