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Cabin Fever

We are so down for dresses that make Winter not so gloomy! Anyone else getting a little bit of cabin fever lately? What we wouldn’t give to be stranded on the most remote Island known to man. But, you know, the next best thing is throwing on a sweater dress to go out to your favorite dinner spot. Grab a few mixed drinks. Make that winged liner a little thicker. Contour until you don’t even know who you are anymore. — & line those lips in R E D! #YAHHHHHZ

Peak-A-Boo Sweater Dress

Peek A BOO Sweater Dress

Peek a boo sweater dress1


Stripes Will Take You Downtown

Oh, stripes. Good ol’ reliable. Who said girls need boys anyway?¬†For the patterned trend that always comes back around, there’s something about stripes that says, “I’m here for the long haul!” And well… If that’s the only form of commitment a girl can get these days, along with Netflix of course, it’s alright by us. So, don’t let your life pass you by without this cutie taking you everywhere you go downtown!IMG_0414IMG_0418IMG_0411