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Wow. Where do I start? First of all I want to say thanks for following The Rage and even making it to this page! Without the support of my customers, my career would be impossible and not near as much fun. So…a true thanks goes out to you! I also owe a huge thanks to my team back at home in Mena, running a smooth operation. (Insert that Smooth Operator song here). I wouldn’t be where I am today without them! I appreciate them so much and love them like family.

As many of you know, I am the woman behind the operation here at The Rage. I have put in many hours and late nights in my efforts to be a successful entrepreneur. As a 26 year old girl without a college degree, thirty one hours to be exact, I can happily say I am glad I went against the grain. Had I known five years ago what The Rage would be today, I would have never believed it. In fact, I would have said ‘LIAR!’

But here we are and I am so proud to call this company mine.

I graduated Mena High School in 2007 with no plans for my future. Scary, right? I didn’t know which college I wanted to attend, or if I wanted to even go at all. I ended up helping my Dad at his local motorcycle shop for three years…and it’s a good thing I did! Whether he knew it or not, he taught me how to run a business. It was the best hands on schooling I’ve ever had. (Thanks, Dad!!) Eventually, though, I had to go my own way. So I opened The Rage on April 12, 2010 at the age of 21.

I could keep talking about my company and all those boring details…but I want you to know me, as an individual, and not just for my career. There are so many things that contribute to who I am today aside from The Rage.

I often model for the website and am portrayed as a carefree personality on social media. But in all honesty, those are just photos. The last year and a half have been exceptionally rough for me. Divorce, love, and depression nearly did me in. There were many days I had to take five minutes at a time. (For those of you who may also be going through some rough patches, I am here to tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel!) Even though I never want to think about the year 2014, I often look back and say thank you–because I wouldn’t be sitting where I am today without those experiences. It’s true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have learned now that life begins outside of your comfort zone. I have learned that in order to have the quality of life I want, I must force myself into uncomfortable territory. And that’s exactly what I am doing as I am typing this.

After going through what felt like hell, I realized that I had outgrown my life in small town Mena, Arkansas. Although I will always call it ‘home,’ I knew there was more to life and more opportunities were waiting for me somewhere else. So here I sit, in Nashville, TN, in my new home still adjusting to a new routine. This has by FAR been the best decision I have ever made. Because I finally stepped outside of my comfort zone, I am a new person. I have met tons of genuine people, who are all like-minded in spirit and mentality. It’s important to surround yourself with only those who want the best for you, and bring out the best in you, who are just as driven and passionate about life and love. Nashvillians have shown nothing but support to me and have welcomed me with open arms. As I continue to work on the next division of my company here in Nashville, I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I would love to fill you in on all the details, but you all will know soon enough about our newest division named Revv, that will be located in the heart of Hillsboro Village here in Nash. Stay tuned!

I want to encourage each of you to step outside your daily routine. My life officially began when I practiced this. You will thank me later after you meet tons of amazing people and have a blast attending functions you used to avoid 🙂 From a girl who feels like I’ve been through it all (I know I haven’t, but sure feels like it!), I want to remind you anything is possible if you set your mind to it. It all boils down to how bad you want it. What you want your quality of life to be like. How hard you’re willing to work for it. Taking nothing and making it something. I made it happen.

 So it’s time to make it happen y’all. Get out and start living. Like me 🙂

Much love to all of my followers. Again… Thank you!


 A few randoms: I am a girl that genuinely loves life. I love alone time. I love time with friends and family. I love cats, candles, and cloudy days. I am very independent. I’m a go-getter. I love shopping. I love a clean car. I’m a Kit Kat stealer. I love lists. I enjoy tapping into my creative side to see what else I am capable of accomplishing. I live for business and networking.

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