Steal Simone + Gabby’s Gold W.O Getting Into Trouble : here’s how



With both women already receiving gold medals in the team competition finals, we know neither is probably leaving Rio with a singular gold medal. It is MOST likely they will each need to purchase addition luggage for all the extra neck-wear they will be returning with! Besides their slightly freakish athletic abilities in the gymnastics world, both Gabby and Simone have taken another world by storm as well … THE FASHION WORLD!

Gabby and Simone both graced the cover of Teen Vogue this year to discuss how they really are able to do it all; gymnastics, international spokesmen, models, commercial brand representatives, great friends, stellar students, etc… After studying, creeping and investigating we believe we have cracked the code to each girl’s gold medal level style!

We also have some suggested pieces to make sure it’s clear which team you’re cheating for in Rio!

Gabby: Gabby is pretty much all about the athleisure wear! She has a fresh face, and loves a good red-velvet colored lipstick/gloss. This allows her to still look glamorous when she needs to be comfortable. HOWEVER we at The Rage have found that when she does dress  up, she goes all out by styling a dress with heels! Last she told Teen Vogue her drink of choice at night is hot coco. She likes to drink it with marshmallows and a notepad in hand to plan all her traveling adventures! (because obviously Rio & London weren’t exotic enough)

Simone: Simone has classic yet girly taste. She too loves the comfort of a sweatshirt, and leggings but also can be found rocking her go-to denim shorts and a t-shirt. To dress up, Simone usually resorts to white jeans (duh with her awesome bod!) and a patterned top! Stripes seem to be her calling, which considering the flag she is often flaunting, makes sense!

USA- Red, White, and Blue. Stars and Stripes.

WE ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE GIRLS + ARE SO PROUD THEY WERE ABLE TO REPRESENT THE USA IN RIO – Congrats girls, on both your (tbd # of) gold medals and your fabulous sense of style!