Amongst our new arrivals one brand stood out from the rest. They were trendy, and classic, comfortable and cozy. Lumière was that brand! Established in 2010 Lumière Fashion stole our hearts right off the bat. The Timing Inc. established the sister company as a way to “provide high-quality hand-knit sweaters, trend worthy cable knits, and eye-catching prints to the young contemporary consumer”. The Rage and Lumière share a common demographic of fun, sophisticated women, which is why it probably meshes so well with the style we currently encompass. With its classic esthetic and lovable price-point, the brand is a universal crowd pleaser. Now that fall is on the way, our inventory has been restocked with many of Lumière’s light weight sweaters, shirt-dresses, and plaid! Like The Rage this brand spotlight has highlighted a company who takes pride in the details of their work and it vividly shows through in their designs, creation, and marketing of their pieces!

Here are some of our newest arrivals for y’all to check out:blog plaidblog denim

  • Grey Sweater| $
  • Chambray Shirt-Dress| $
  • Black + White Stripe Collared Lace-Up Shirt| $
  • Black + White Stripe Lace-Up Shirt| $
  • Red + Black Plaid Lace-Up Dress| $
  • Navy, Red, + Cream Shirt-Dress| $
  • Navy Blue + White Plaid Shirt| $
  • Black Booties| COMING SOON!