Alert: Kim K wants to be Laci

We understand that our girl Laci is the bomb, and is a trendsetter here at The Rage, but what we didn’t realize was how bad Kim Kardashian-West is trying to be her. After doing some research we realized this copy-cat behavior has been an ongoing event! Kim’s try-hard behavior began by copying Laci’s style which we can’t blame her for, but when she recently copied the long bob…. THAT JUST WENT TOO FAR. Mrs. Kardashian-West, you have crossed a major line.

Here are some of the major ways Kim K has proved she is attempting to steal Laci’s identity:

  1. THE HAIR. We have no words. hair
  2. Simple style decisions like leather and their favorite go-to everyday item, an army green ensemble. green shirt
  3. Laci has a cat, so Kim got a cat.cats
  4. Laci owns fashion boutiques, so of course so does Kim!store
  5. They are both featured girls in music videos.
    music video(music video for Tennessee Neon by Bryan Kent – @bryankentmusic)
  6. They both enjoy snorkeling! (we did not verify that Kim actually enjoyed it but we can assume)snorkel
  7. Laci founded The Nash Collection, Kim wears a lot of baseball hats (contact us girl, we can hook you uphats
(insta: @TheNashCollction)

Good luck trying to steal our girl’s thunder Kim! I guess there are some things in life even YOU and hubby can’t buy.


(p.s IMPORTANT NOTE: their claims to fame are NOT similar)

Photo cred for the Kim K photos = Google