Month: August 2016

Bachelor In Paradise – Vent Session

For those of you swooning over The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise. We’re right there with you. From Ashley I. crying her eyes out every .5 seconds, and Josh M. moaning every time he takes a bite of pizza (or just well in general) ….we feel like there are some things we need to get off our chest. Probably what we need to do is get on some Bachelor Nation forum, but when you have your own blog….you can do what you want!

1- Jared. Let me start off by saying Jared REALLY isn’t that cute. Like, everyone’s all like… “ohhh, Jared.” And we’re all over here like “ohhhh, Vinny!” (Insert heart eyes here – we’ll also get into the Izzy thing in a minute.) Why is everyone so obsessed over Jared? Ashley, you’re way cuter!

2- Izzy. Honey, WHAT were you THINKING? The lamp guy!? No. Just no. You, and Vinny were a match made in Heaven. TEAM VINNY!

3- We have officially changed Chris Harrison’s name to “Captain Obvious.” Example – (insert there being one rose left on the stand) “Ladies, this is the final rose tonight.” No freaking way. You could have fooled me! Smh.

4- Carly + Evan. Carly, WHY are you so funny? You’re so on our level, girl. Evan, you kiiiiinda were a weirdo at first…. but you’ve proven yourself! TEAM CARAN!

5- Josh. GO AWAY. WE LOVE NICK. Amanda, WAKE UP.

6- Ashley I. + Jared – Can someone get this chick an anti-depressant? What’s WRONG with you? Actually, if we’re being totally honest. There HAS to be more to the story. HAS TO BE. You can’t tell me that Jared didn’t lead her on. No girl is that hung up on a dude, unless they’ve somewhat given them hope. We’re on your side, Ashley. But you still might need meds.

7- Grant + Lace. Or, Grace if you will. (eye roll) You know how fire to a large amount of gasoline results in an explosion. That’s basically what their relationship is like. One big, flaming disaster.

8- Jami. She wore our ‘Perfect Weather Floral Romper’ in last nights episode! Her exact romper didn’t come from us, but we have the SAME romper… in NAVY! Everything is better in navy, right?
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.16.19 AMBLOG9NA TEST 2-063-2-2NA TEST 2-064-2

Direct link to romper >> Perfect Weather Floral Romper! <<  

Peep Show

Suede dresses. Suede shoes. Suede skirts. Suede pants. Suede jackets. Suede blouses. Suede purses.

Basically if you haven’t gotten the memo suede is it’s own person and just booted Hillary + Trump out of the running! — SUEDE FOR PRESIDENT. Vote for Suede! Suede 2016!

Ok, we’re kidding. But, suede is hitting the top of all the fashion trend lists this year AND in 2017’s forecast as well. We found this fun article via that complies tons of different suede executions done ever so effortlessly! You must check it out!

We have quite a few suede pieces in stock, but this one takes the cake! Around the warehouse, we’re obsessed with this new plaid piece. World, meet …. ‘Peep Show Dress {Plum.}’ 


Ultimate Tailgate Checklist

We are officially ONE week away from the first college game OF. THE. SEASON. Who’s excited?! (insert everyone raising their hand here) Don’t get me wrong, we all love watching our favorite team play. But, let’s be real here. What percentage of us ACTUALLY go to the game to WATCH the football game in it’s entirety? It’s ok, you don’t want to admit it. We’ll just say it for you. You go to the games for…. tailgating, socializing, the beer, the jello shots, the food, cute boys, people watching, hanging with your bestie, and please God let there be drunk dudes with chest painting. Please!

If you love tailgating just like us, you’ll really enjoy this. We’ve found some killer tailgating tips that we think will help make this years tailgating go over a smidge better than years past.

1 – Show up to the game 4 hours before the game actually starts. You’ll need time to set up + take everything down before the game starts.

2 – Bring a toolbox. I don’t NEED no man! (insert sassy independent woman here) Kidding. If you have a dude, bring him. Then you can sit back, and enjoy the view.

3 – Pack portable jello shots in your teams colors. We’re a HUGE fan of these Strawberries + Cream jello shots. It’s like… you don’t know it’s even happening…. and then you stand up. :/ #yolo #oops

4 – Bring extra fun accessories for friends. (face stickers…etc.)

5 – Build a tailgate beer pong table. Like, why would you not?

6 – Bring your most comfortable lounge chair.

7 – A blanket. For when you’ve have a little too much to drink, and need a little power nap before kick off.

8 – Get a cute snapback hat. And wear it backwards. It’s a thing now.

9 – Red solo cups. You COULD BE the next flip cup champion. AND, you’ll need these for your beer pong table.

10 –  Take lots of snaps using the bee filter. Dear Snapchat, please don’t EVER do away with the bee filter. {follow us on snapchat here}

11 – Last but not least, you’ll need a BA shirt from our Tailgate Collection.




(image stolen from his Instagram)

An artist by the name of Sammy Arriaga has stolen our hearts! This Sunday, we are spending brunch with him … or at least the soothing melody of his song “Margarita Talk”. It just so happens the setting of this song takes place at our very own Saint Anejo, where Sammy likes to go on Wednesdays with his friends. Three of these amigos are Van Hunt, Conor Matthews, and Lalo Guzman who helped to create this EP alongside our man Sammy. The vibe of Saint Anejo, a M Street favorite, can often transport us all to a more exotic, beach-y locale, and we are very glad it took these men there on the day they wrote “Margarita Talk”.

(If we keep drinking margaritas will we eventually write a hit too?)

Arriaga grew up in Miami, FL, which you can hear when you listen to the sounds of his country, meets latin “Acoustic Mixtape”, “Banjos and Bongos”. While he is very clearly country, the hint of latin gives it a sexuality and a soul that most typical “country boys” have yet to master. The sound of Sammy is more Enrique Iglesias hip movements, than dude on a tractor… and we are not complaining! With the success of “Banjos and Bongos” thus far, it is hard to believe his first release was in fact an “Acoustic Mixtape” rather than a first official album.

Sammy has already done it all; followed his dreams, moved 1,000 miles away from his home, signed with Latium Entertainment + Sony Records, played CMAfest, made it to Hollywood on season 10 of American Idol, essentially created his own style of music, opened for some of the top artists in the U.S, been selected for CMT’s “Artist Discovery” campaign 2016, and thats all BEFORE his first OFFICIAL album drops! To say this guy is a talent is an understatement. We haven’t even mentioned yet how adorable he is, or how sweet, or ….

Without further delay here is “Maragita Talk” by Sammy Arriaga

Look him up on FacebookInstagramYoutube (prepare to swoon), Spotify, and Twitter!

We know we can expect great things from Sammy Arriaga, and wish him luck on his road to complete music industry domination!



We scoured Pinterest and found some AMAZING dorm inspiration that will fill your back-to-school hearts with jealousy… I mean these dorms are significantly nicer than our homes!

Here at The Rage we try and make our home away from home fit our needs both functionally and emotionally! Around our office you can find positive sayings and inspiring art work. Everything is SUPER clean and organized … It has to be because we’re not. (Artistic minds aren’t supposed to be organized! Right?!) Little blips of green have sprouted up in all corners, as we have baby cactuses and succulents hidden pretty much everywhere. Laci is a huge advocate of candles so it always smells wonderful! We feel the most important thing about a home, whether it be a dorm or an office, is creating the vibe you need to succeed and showcasing your personality!

Here are some great examples of college students creating a “vibe for success”: dorm x 1dorm x 3 (1)dorm x 2

A SNEAK PEAK of our new home:

Office 1office 2office 3office 4office 5office 6







Every year, Inc. ranks the nation’s fastest-growing, privately-owned companies. This year, we landed ourselves a spot in the top 30%! As number 1578 on the list, we were able to beat out 3,422 other privately-owned companies. This list is made up of the real hard workers, the up-and-comers of America’s economy. Many in the business industry believe this list holds the names of the superheroes that are going to bring the American economy back! Companies whose expertise include 3D-printing, virtual reality, and, energy efficiencies, are creating tomorrow today. Many companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and Dominos Pizza got their first national exposure on this very list.

To be awarded 1578 is in many ways an astonishing achievement, but can also be logically measured with all the hard work, and determination Laci and the entire staff at The Rage has contributed.  Many of you have followed Laci on her journey from day one and understand how proud we are to have climbed our way to such a success. To even make the list is a high honor, but to land at number fourteen amongst Nashville companies, and number twenty-two for the entire state of Tennessee brings us a sense of pride that can not be described. As you all know, The Rage isn’t only her only baby. She’s responsible for Revv in Nashville, TN. More recently, she launched her own line called The Nash Collection! To find out more about her other two children check out Revv and The Nash Collection on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.57.57 AM

Link to the List

A History of #1578:

2012: The Answer2 received the honor of sitting at spot 1578. This company was the highest grossing revenue company to be placed at #1578 in the history or the Inc. 5000 list. As a telecommunications company they are able to provide insight into technologies that make the lives of their customers astoundingly easy!

2013: Sunplay, an online pool and outdoor living supply company was able to go where no pool supply company had gone before, the internet. With a 251% growth rate we know their generous customer base had a great, and well stocked summer!

2014: Graphics and More were more than happy to be number 1578. This 2.1  million dollar revenue team makes thousands of unique items that their customers use to express themselves, whatever their interests may be.

2015: Last year Proforma, a progressive marketing company, kept our seat warm.This company used franchising to spread their knowledge on professional commercial printing, promotional products, business forms, e-commerce and other branding solutions. Their ability to franchise allowed them to have an amazing growth rate of 258% in just three years.

5000LACI INC 50002

A Look at the TOP THREE:

  1. Coming in at number 1 is Loot Crate a consumer products & services company out of Los Angeles. They are simply the Simone Biles of the bunch. Their growth rate of 66,789% nearly doubles that of the number two spot, and their revenue MORE THAN doubles that of the closest inferior contender. What is their consumer product? A geek box … no really. Loot Crate, “delivers the best in geek + gaming gear”, including clothing, collectables, and art on a monthly basis.
  2. To find number two you must cross the country and bring cold weather clothes because we are going to Boston, where we will find Paint Nite. Founders Daniel Hermann and buddy Sen McGrail combined their love of nightlife and art to create an event service which does just that. Paint Nite works with over 250 creatives to host painting parties across the U.S. In just three years time they have grown by about 36,555%, hosting more than 200,000 individuals every month.
  3. Rounding up the top three are the scientists. CalCom Solar, whose business is also out of California, specialize in energy. Their mission is to make solar energy both easily understood and easily accessible. They focus on educating people on the long-term cost solar energy provides to people. Behind the commercialization of the solar energy they also have some real brainiacs working to dramatically advance the technology of their field (for example they are now able to connect multiple meters to a single solar power system).With a great marketing focus and a product that betters the world, they are one of our favorites on the list!

In previous years number 1578 has focused on marketing, telecommunications, government services and fun in the sun, but we are proud to be representing FASHION! As Inc. Media was awarded the National Magazine Award for General Excellence in both 2014 and 2012 and has customer base of over 15 MILLION, we hold their opinion of our business in the highest regard. The list alone has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success, with every major company in America receiving a nod from the list-makers at one time or another.

In October Laci will join representatives from the 4,999 other top companies in San Antonio, Texas for the Inc. 5000 Conference Gala. Here, she will here from speakers like Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler of SOULCYCLE, Tony Robbins, Weili Dai, Kim Jordan, and CEO of The Inc. CEO Project, Jim Schlecker. There will also be a black tie gala to wrap up the conference. We are pretty eager to see those photos!

We know making this list and hearing from these truly inspirational minds will light an even more vigorous fire in Laci’s heart! This is just the beginning for The Rage. We  are very excited to see where the future takes us!

Last words from Laci – “If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.” ~Quote by Jen Sincero

Don’t Fail: Get These Back-To-School Essentials

This school year, some may say it’s about how hard you study, or over achieving with extra circulars, but here at The Rage we know the truth. Your future all depends the

Collection One: The Parisian Study Abroad

IMG_0100parisian collection.jpg
Collection Two: The Classic IMG_0073collection 2 (1)File Folders, Large Agenda, Striped Thermal Mug,

Collection Three: The Girls Night OutIMG_0112collection 3File Folders, Coaster Set, “Hopes and Dreams” Coaster Set,

Collection Four: The Eternal Summer FunIMG_0127collection 4

Sticky Note Set,

These back-to-school supply collections will not only keep you organized, and help you make the grade. They will also help to express your personality, keep you feeling inspired during class, and attract some new friends with fantastic taste!