Month: June 2016

A Glass A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Why wine about it later, when you can wine about it now?

Let’s be serious for a moment. A life without wine is a sad life. Plus you miss all the benefits! And it’s a staple for all girl nights, dates, and those nights when Mother Nature has come in like the force she is. Nothing quite beats snuggling on your couch with your softest blanket, a bottle of wine (cause a bottle is a glass right?), chocolate, and binge on Netflix.

Our “Wine Not?” crop top just tops off your night in alone or when with your squad! Don’t forget to bring your plaid button up for just in case. Cause tonight’s forecast is 99% chance of wine!



National Sunglasses Day!

Girl you are looking good! No one can tell you are throwing shade all day while wearing our sunnies. Who would have thought that a day for vision health could be so cute??? Seriously though, you need to protect your beautiful eyes! Make sure to snag a #SunglassSelfie of yourself today!

We’ve got 3 new lines of sunglasses coming your way this summer!

PINEAPPLEScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.10.14 AM

Weekly Recap

Florals and loose fits are the Summer hit! This week we’ve given you many items to choose from to beat the heat. We’ve added several new dresses including our “Coral + Fuchsia Party Dress” which is loose and bright! Our new “All In My Head Tank” comes in black and in white. Don’t miss out on our new rompers too! Our latest favorite is the “Light It Up Romper“!

Brand Spotlight

Summer (n) – the life changing time between endings and beginnings. Characterized by sun, sea, saltwater, tan skin, and life long memories.

We know this time of the year is all about enjoying the sun and free time. And with our latest Billabong arrivals you’ll be prepared for all the ocean and lake trips you’ll be making. These cuties are easy to add to your travel bag and  easy to pair! You can use the “Moon Shadow” dresses for the boardwalk or as swimsuit cover. Our “Seeing Stars High Waisted Shorties” are perfect for your July 4th vacation too!

So what are you waiting for??? Adventure waits for none.

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National Selfie Day

“…But first,
Let me take a selfie”

Let’s take a flashback to 2013 when “Selfie” by The Chainsmokers was released. I can safely say we replayed that hundreds of times. Who knew the power a selfie has? Selfies have been around almost as long as photography itself, but only in the last decade have they become so popular.

However you stand on the issue of selfies, you have to agree that the best picture of you, is taken by you. They are great ways to keep memories and share them, especially with Instagram and Twitter.

Our Top Ten Reasons Why Selfies Are The Best:

  • Pride in how wonderful you are
  • A shout-out to you
  • Throw out your insecurities
  • You have the power
  • Can be creative and fun
  • Create memories
  • Bond with your besties
  • Express yourself
  • Teaches you to be confident
  • Love yourself

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.48.52 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.50.47 PM

Take A Load Off

Another weekend night torn between finally answering your texts about the party…or stay on the couch and binge watch on Netflix and binge eat ice cream. It’s the struggle we all face.

Truth be told we love our junk food and chill almost above all else! But you probably have friends like ours who will forcefully drag you from the house because they’re “concerned”, we both know it’s for a designated driver though.

So when they come knocking and finally drag you to the bar, you can make life a lot easier for you with this top. Our “All The Good Things Striped Tunic” is great for lounging and for dressing up with your skinnies & booties!


Wild & Free

We know this Summer is going to be beyond hot and humid. But we have a few ideas to keep you cool and fresh! We know you know that bright colors will keep you cool, so our “Driving You Crazy Romper {White}” is perfect for just that! You can be covered for work and for a night out! To make this romper more casual, it’s as simple as throwing on a lightweight vest like our “Wild & Free Vest“. Our “Coraline By Very Volatile” shoes pair great with this outfit and dress it up too!