Market Adventures

It’s that time of year again. Market season is ramping up and is going to release its fury on me for the next month. Dallas, Atlanta, Vegas…Meaning this girl is going to be exhausted. Well, I actually already am. I was in my hotel room by 4pm today and have been bed bound since around 5. #noshame. I am going to defend myself here and state that I was running on minimal sleep and have been up since 5am. ANYWAYS. In the 6 hours that I did have energy to venture out, I was able to score some pretty sweet stuff. And for those of you that aren’t sure what Dallas market is all about, here’s a sneak peek!

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Oh, and then this salad happened. Be proud of me that I just typed the word s-a-l-a-d… I’m always the girl going for the Mushroom Swiss Burger, no onions or pickles, with extra crispy fries and demanding a brand new bottle of ketchup. For real though. Ask Double Dogs in Hillsboro Village. They know me by name AND know to bring me a large diet coke in a styrofoam cup so that I can take it to go. Plus the ice lasts longer. 🙂


After all this excitement, I wound down with some of this. Don’t act like you didn’t either. Olivia needs to pop a xanax and chill the fuhhhhhh out.


Until next time, make sure to hang on to all handrails and not bust your ass like I did down some stairs during Nashville’s snow-pocalypse. Yep. Washboard style.