Momma Bear

For some time, Lori has been the Mother bear of our warehouse. Always behind the scenes, she keeps everything together… running smoothly and is honestly a jack of all trades. Every morning at 9:00am, you know that you’re going to hear some elaborate, detailed series of happenings about how her morning or midnight snack went. Oddly, it becomes the highlight of your day. A ‘story time’ — if you will. She likes to spoil us with surprise coffees and baked (sometimes questionable) cookies. Our favorite thing she says when she’s eating a snack… and sees you eyeballing it is, “Do you want some? Please God, say no.” — All in the same sentence.

As of October 9th at 6:41am, our Mother bear gave life to her real life little cub and we are SO happy for her and her husband Kris! Also, yes. You’re seeing correctly. Kris did take her maternity photos. What’s scarier is how well he performed if we’re being honest here. The girls all agree the most humorous part of waiting outside of the delivery room was hearing Kris yell, “GO, GO, GO, you got this!” Definitely kudos towards Father’s Day already. Two beautiful people have created something so precious and deserve all the happiness in the world.

Shout out to this hard working momma for still editing and getting our new products ready to rock and roll for us from home!

We’re all so proud of you, Lori. Kris was right. You’ve totally got this.

XOXO – The Rage Girls

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