Month: July 2015

Fresh Friday

Oh. My. Crop! We love it when a whole look comes together! This would be one of those outfits that if you aren’t seen in public by at least 10 people you know, it’ll ruin your whole day. You may not wash said clothes if this happens. You might also put it back on the hanger. *GUILTY* To make sure that doesn’t happen… Have solid plans for your solid outfit, ladies. >>> H A P P Y   F R I D A Y !LA Muse Crop TeeMidnight Rodeo {Black}Midnight Rodeo {Black}2IMG_0905

Tuesday Shoes Day

Shoes are bold. Shoes are expressive. Shoes are bae. What else is there in this world that would make you justify not paying rent, other than the cutest pair of shoes you ever did see. Which, in retrospect, makes shoes a pretty unstoppable force. Wouldn’t you say? So here’s to our latest collection of MUST haves this fall! *Sigh*Khloe TANIMG_05562015-06-24 22.49.51

Mondays Are For Shopping

With Monday brings fresh beginnings. But more importantly… New Arrivals. HOLLAH! Generally Monday shopping binges are frowned upon. But let’s be real here, nobody has time for that kind of negativity. Especially when your Friday night outfit is on the line. So turn on Netflix, girlfriend. Fill up that shopping cart for funsies. And detox on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s that has your name on it. Plus ours.Picnic Fields Plaid CardiPicnic Fields Plaid Cardi2Picnic Fields Plaid Cardi3

Take A Trip

Lace it up the front. Pack it in your suit case… and take a trip somewhere. Life’s too short to stay in one place too long. So you should flaunt your favorite dress from one coast to the other. With the most precious scoop back and metallic threaded stripes, you’ll have every girl asking, “Uhm.. Where’d you get that dress!?” And let’s be honest here. We love it when that happens! *HAIRFLIP*   Trip Around The Moon DressTrip Around The Moon Dress2 Trip Around The Moon Dress3