Month: June 2015

When Co-workers Become Family

Amongst all of the hard work, is a group of girls that genuinely love each other. Everything you thought you knew about group texts.. Forget it. We’re next level. We like to use the term ‘swimming’ when trying to fight our way to the top of where a conversation began. Only.. you never quite make it. In fact, you drown in a pool of conversation you don’t understand. Whether you’re sick, ship your car keys to Baton Rouge, have a gaping hole in the armpit of your shirt, or fall with a handful of McDonald’s sweet teas.. We’re there for each other everyday. Inside and outside of the office. Behind every inside joke is a great story. We’re more than just clothes. We’re a family!Photo Jun 29, 4 19 30 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 26 11 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 10 35 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 10 46 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 12 24 PMPhoto Jun 30, 9 31 40 AM (1)Photo Jun 29, 4 13 07 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 13 20 PMPhoto Jun 30, 9 41 46 AMPhoto Jun 29, 4 14 57 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 15 08 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 15 18 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 16 05 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 17 17 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 18 10 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 18 18 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 18 47 PMPhoto Jun 29, 4 23 03 PM

God Is Greater

Sometimes we receive new shipments that literally have us fighting over available sizes. Some serious eye daggers can be thrown. The kind of fighting that means, “You can’t sit with us,” at lunch today. This would be one of those staff favorites. By popular demand we have brought this graphic design full circle on several cuts and colors! Why? Because it’s a hit from the message that it’s sending and super adorable! And booties? Well, those are always a good idea.




All Things Denim

Denim, right? Denim button downs. Denim shorties. Denim jackets. “Yeah, I’ll take two of everything please!” Sadly, there’s never going to be a moment that you’re actually fulfilled with your denim collection… andddd that’s why jackets like this exist! We can’t help but feel a little Brandy Melville inspired with our ‘Go Getter Shirt Dress‘ now available in black and grey! Also –>>> These fringe booties, though. They will being going live today so be on the
L O O K O U T!IMG_8955




Palazzo Vibes From Nashville

To all of our Revv followers — get ready for mass amounts of palazzo vibes. I mean a lot. Like… We took a group vote and we’re only carrying palazzo’s. JUSSST KIDDING! But we do love them that much! Turns out we enjoy a good spoiler as much as the next person. So, you’re welcome! ❤IMG_0895 (1) IMG_0900 (1) We can legitimately say, “There is more where that came from!” Because this is just the beginning. If you aren’t keeping up with our progress and spoilers through instagram, be sure to follow us at >> @shoprevv!



Settin Up Shop

We’ve got so much going on here in Nashville behind the scenes getting things ready for Revv! Our latest project included putting together our POS System. And no, we aren’t talking about Piece of Shhhhh. We are talking about our very needed Point of Sale system that’ll keep us all in check and save our sanity. Lord knows we all need that. I sometimes wonder about my mental stability trying to juggle two companies and all that come with. Anyways, I snapped some of these photos of Katie working on this while we were jamming to Moon Taxi’s ‘River Water’. Go listen to it. You’ll like it.

IMG_0630 IMG_0631 IMG_0628 IMG_0633


More sneak peeks to come. But unfortunately, Revv needs a phone number…So I have to go. Until next time,





Miss Tahiti

In a perfect world, we’d all be on a jet plane, sipping a mimosa, sailing towards Tahiti, wearing this dress. With POSSIBLY someone that looks like Gerard Butler holding our hand. If only we were a Kardashian. With the perfect combination of color, and crochet >> this number is practically perfect. Our ‘Miss Tahiti Dress’ is available on!

Tahiti Blog2Miss Tahiti Blog   Miss Tahiti Blog4 Miss Tahiti Blog3Miss Tahiti Blog5

{clutch available soon at our Nashville location}

A Day At The Office

As you all know–we pretty much do everything in house. We’re talking customer support. Packing shipments. Shipping. Phone support. Quality control. Graphic design. Marketing. Annnnnnnd photo shoots! Today we’re taking you behind the scenes in yesterday’s photo shoot for our new store, Revv, in Nashville! This was our office all day long…And let me tell you…air conditioning wasn’t an option. (Insert gasping + sweating…and maybe a little cursing) But after suffering through nearly 100 degree temps, the end result was worth it. We scored some sweet shots we’ll be able to use to promote both Revv and The Rage.





After the first couple hours… We got hungry. Yep. Couldn’t help it. What was our choice? >>  McD’s!! Grilled chicken snack wrap is where it’s at.